Softkinetic International

SoftKinetic Sensors (SKSE) is a Brussels, Belgium-based fab-less semiconductor company with the single mission to provide 3D time-of-flight (“TOF”) Sensor Solutions and 3D Time-of-Flight Cameras. 

More than ten years’ R&D has produced a unique blend of innovative 3D vision technology covering three core areas: (1) Active control: to allow the user to control devices using gestures instead of touch; (2) Context awareness: to enable devices to gather and use information about their environment, including location, time of day, user activity, and nearby users or devices; (3) Real world acquisition: to collect accurate 3D models of the real world.
Together with its affiliate SoftKinetic Software, SKSE has integrated and optimized a commercial depth sensing camera and Software Development Kit (SDK) for best performance and quality in building 3D gesture-based applications and interfaces. This end-to-end solution is provided to Interactive Digital Entertainment, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Applications and Equipment manufacturers.
On October 8th 2015 Sony announced that it has completed the acquisition of Softkinetic Systems S.A. to continue to work on broader sensing-related applications. 

SoftKinetic Sensors is going to do the following, in close collaboration with its affiliate SoftKinetic Software: 1. Provide a use case with different modules of embedded hard and firmware (working with the algorithm blocks) that together make up different variants of the layered module-based software architecture to configure the DepthSense 3D time-of-flight camera. 2. Test the methods and tools that can provide a bottom-up description and documentation of these modules and cameras and their features. 3. Apply the learnings of the methods and tools tests to give feedback to its providers on the ease of use for building a new variant of the 3D vision ToF technology.