Public Project Results

Deliverable Description Type Dissem. Level Due Date   Pdf
D2.3 REVaMP² 1.0 evaluation report (Responsible: ABB AB) This report will demonstrate the benefits and the impact of using the REVaMP² tool-chain and process for each industrial use case. Document Public 31/12/2018  
D2.4 Requirements with KPI for REVaMP² 2.0 (Responsible: The REUSE Company) Each industrial partner will provide the description of each use case, a set of use case asset datasets to be used to guide the product line automation service development WPs and a first version of requirements for the REVaMP² SIS PL automation tool chain and process. Document Public 31/12/2018  
D2.6 REVaMP² 2.0 evaluation report (Responsible: SISW) This report will demonstrate the benefits and the impact of using the REVaMP² tool-chain and process for each industrial use case.  Document Public 31/12/2019  
D3.1 State of the art: tools, methods and research (Responsible: UA) Identification of relevant state of the art.  Document Public 30/09/2017  PDF
D3.3 Executable process model to use the REVaMP² tool-chain (Responsible: Altran) Design Recommendations for the REVaMP² Tool-Chain.
Includes the choice of a variability modelling language and Executable Process Model.
Document Public 31/12/2017  
D3.5 Validation and update of the methodologies to capture features and assets and combine them in new generations of a product line. (Responsible: Macq) Combine  methodologies to capture features and assets in new generations of a product line.  Document Public 30/11/2019  
D5.5 Asset Co-Evolution Automation Technologies PoC 2.1 Design (Responsible: PS) Develop the methodological foundation as well as tooling support for aligning co-evolution between PL assets and variants assets. Document Public 30/11/2019  
D7.5 Tool-chain Users Guide (Responsible: ScopeSET) Definition of a validation use cases derived from use cases described in WP2 to be delivered along with the platform. Goal of this internal use case to require all REVaMP² services to provide full coverage. This use case is also the basis of a user documentation which will be provided to partners in WP2. Document Public  31/12/2019  
D8.1 Public project website (Responsible: The REUSE Company)  Develop and maintain the project web site. Software Public  30/06/2017   
D8.2 Project leaflet for dissemination (Responsible: The REUSE Company)  Elaborate a project leaflet for dissemination activities. Document Public  31/03/2017